Tree surgery in Northants, Cambs and Beds

The work carried out by Keyston Tree Services is usually a combination of the following:

  • Deadwood pruning.The removal of wood that has died to prevent it from falling.
  • Crown reduction pruning. The reduction of the trees’ size whilst maintaining the overall shape.
  • Crown thinning. The shape and size of the tree is not changed, but selective removal of internal branches is carried out to increase the passage of light and air.
  • Tree felling. The tree is felled in a single section where space allows, using various techniques to control the fall direction.
  • Sectional dismantling. Where it is not possible to fell a tree, due to restricted space and likelihood of damage to property, the tree is dismantled using ropes to lower sections to the ground.
  • Stump grinding or removal. A grinder can be used to reduce the stump to below ground level, or the stump can be removed completely using a winch or digger.
  • Public Safety. When working in public spaces we position cones and warning signs and, if required, organise Highway traffic management through the local Authority.

Conservation Areas and Tree Preservation Orders work in Northants, Cambs and Beds

If you live in a Conservation Area you will need consent from the Local Authority before any tree work can be carried out.

There are also Tree Preservation Orders issued on individual trees, or groups of trees, to prevent loss or damage to trees considered integral to a local area. If trees on your property have Preservation Orders on them you will need written consent from the local Authority before any work can be carried out. We can apply for consent or your behalf.

After works are completed we remove all wood and debris as required. Often customers prefer to keep some of the wood for firewood or to use as habitat to encourage insects and wildlife.

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